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Our Ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism [entries|friends|calendar]
Revolutionary Communist Party

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Please Post [16 Sep 2007|06:06pm]
I request that you post the following on your site where visitors to your site can easily see it.

Thank you.

This is not a site of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (RCP). If  you want the official views of the RCP then go to the web site of the newspaper, Revolution, voice of the RCP at revcom.us.
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Naxalism; Historic Eight Documents [05 Sep 2007|09:37pm]

I'm trying to find something on the internets that lays the basic outline of Naxalism in India called "The Historic Eight Documents" but cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find it?
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[03 Jul 2007|04:47am]

helo when do we start the revolution and where is the child pron
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Prachanda Path - Real Maoism or Real Sellout?! [04 Apr 2007|09:48pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

In last years peace negotiations in Nepal between the provisional government and the "Maoist" rebels- the end to a ten year war costing thousands of lives ended- and although this would normally be something to celebrate, after reading the actual cease fire agreement, I can't help but feel the Nepalese people have been back stabbed by Prachanda and his little "Maoist" brigade. There are some reasons for this besides for the fact that the rebels could have overthrown the corrupt officials entirely but didn't. Some include-

- The reforms in Nepalese agriculture have been reversed and land has been given back to the land owners. Prachanda agreed to this, this is nothing short of betrayal of the peasant class.

- The peoples army has been jailed and put into detention camps, monitored by the U$A and UN, and have been stripped of its weapons. This is nothing short of betrayal of the peoples army- if the people there do not have an army, they have nothing.

- The courts and political institutions governed by the people of Nepal have been revoked and those governed by the tyrant king- reinstalled. This is betrayal of both the landless peasantry and urban proletariat of Nepal.

If this is Prachanda's new socialist Nepal he's been boasting about- it's nothing close to true Maoism, and how dare he call it such. This is nothing but an imperialist buy-out.

Feel free to take a look at this if you want:

~Comrade Xan

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Open Source National Law Project (x-post) [07 Sep 2005|11:14pm]
Hi, I'm going to Oglethorpe University, and one of my 4 courses is Business Law I.

Well, as I do have a long-lasting interest in politics, as well as in computer technology, this particular class has inspired me to concoct this particular idea that combines law and open source in a potentially earth-shaking manner. This is what I was writing just a few minutes ago:

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What do you think?
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Open Source and Socialism [29 Aug 2005|08:45pm]
Open question:

What do you think about "open source", from a Socialist/Communist perspective?

x-posted to comunistas, redstarrevolt, revolutionarycp, revolutionaryid, and socialistworker.
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[29 Apr 2005|11:28am]

‘No nukes, no war!’: Global convergence at UN demands end to nuclear weapons
Author: Dan Margolis
People's Weekly World Newspaper, 04/28/05 13:44

NEW YORK — The worldwide movement to end nuclear weapons, energized and united with the antiwar movement, is converging here for a month of actions. Kicking it off is a May 1 mass “No Nukes! No Wars!” march. On May 2, the United Nations opens a review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which aims to curb and eventually eliminate these weapons of mass destruction.

In addition to UN events, numerous activities, sponsored by a wide variety of nongovernmental organizations from more than 90 countries, will fill the month of May. Hibakusha — Japanese survivors of the U.S. atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 — will be touring the country and meeting with local community organizations.

“They have seen the horror of nuclear war, and want to guarantee it never happens again,” said Judith Le Blanc, co-chair of United for Peace and Justice.

A Mayors for Peace delegation, representing 105 cities in 25 countries, will rally for its “vision campaign” to eliminate all nuclear arsenals by the year 2020.

Other public events include forums on depleted uranium, the Iraq war and a nuclear-free Middle East. Abolition Now and UFPJ, two of the sponsoring organizations, are helping to coordinate the participation of the many peace, disarmament, women’s, trade union and youth groups coming from around the world.

The global call is to abolish all nations’ nuclear weapons. However, the United States — in particular the Bush administration — has been singled out as the main roadblock to abolition.
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Marxism-Leninism-Maoism [21 Apr 2005|12:58am]

I have a few questions. I met a comrade from the Revolutionary Communist Party recently, and alhough I've been aware of the RCP for some time, I've never seriously looked at Marxism-Leninism-Maoism until now. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some works outside those of Mao himself and the writings of Bob Avakian for someone new to this current of thought.

(crossposted in marxism, maoist-leninism)
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[13 Apr 2005|12:28pm]

[ mood | conquering ]

Lenin said that Imperialism was the highest stage of Capitalism, and it's very obvious that the current war in Iraq is for imperialistic reasons. With this in mind I started this community to help bring some truth about the war to livejournal on a regular basis; the community is called endthewar.

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[07 Apr 2005|11:32am]

[ mood | fuck!!! ]

The following letter was sent to Bob Avakian, Chairman of the RCP, USA from a youth in a rural area in the American "heartland," who relates to the RCYB. The letter was edited by the RW at the request of the author to protect him and his family from the Christian fascists in his area.

Growing Up In Christian
Fascist Heartland America

A Letter to Chairman Avakian
Revolutionary Worker #1274,
April 10, 2005, posted at rwor.org

Mr. Avakian,

I am nearly finished with your book,1 and I must say I am very impressed. I have been a supporter of the RCP for about a year now, and up until now I have never been able to see you as so much a human being before. To me you seemed somehow "superhuman" when all I knew of you was the few small anecdotes you leave for us in your talks.

Let me introduce myself. I am 17. I live in a small rural town, and every chance I get I head up to [the city] to do political work for the RCYB. I am inspired by your writings and your message.

The reason I have written to you is not just to praise you on your book, but to tell you something that you desperately need to hear.

A few months ago I attended a discussion of the RCYB and we discussed Christian fascism. It was at this meeting that I realized most of the RCYB are not as experienced with dealing with Christian fascists as I am. You see, Mr. Avakian, I live in a small town and here Christian fascism runs rampant. But my town is not nearly as bad as another town just a few miles away, which my family moved out of due to the extreme grip the religious fundamentalists had on the community. It was horrible.

I am going to tell you the story of this here.

The town we left is a small town of about 4,000 people. The high school graduating class is usually just over 100.

Anyhow, I attended elementary school there from kindergarten to fourth grade. At this school religion was openly promoted and established on a daily basis. Starting in the fourth grade, students were taken out of school to a local church and given "religious education." Of course, the class wasn't required. But there were only three kids in the entire fourth grade who didn't attend. Many of the students who attended weren't fundamentalists but feared social exclusion, which was the consequence for those who did not attend. Yes, when my parents pulled me out of the class because they felt it was too extreme, rumors began to go around the community that my family were Satanists. Before the class started, my mother had called the teacher of this course, an active Christian fascist from the community, and simply asked what would be taught in the course. Apparently, this question seemed threatening to this woman and the religious establishment of the town, so this woman did an extensive investigation of our family. She found out my mother's maiden name and harassed several of our family members, trying to get information about us. During that time I walked home from school, and frequently kids would ask me, "Why aren't you going to religious ed?"

It was horrible.
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Good news from Nepal! [01 Apr 2005|03:11pm]

Rebel strike shuts down eastern Nepal

Kathmandu, April 1. (AP):A general strike called by communist rebels to protest the king's seizure of power shut down businesses and schools across eastern Nepal Thursday.

Streets were largely deserted as residents stayed home for fear of reprisals by the rebels, who often attack people who defy their orders.

Local rebel leaders said in a statement that they called the strike to protest King Gyanendra's power grab and his imposition of emergency rule.

The king said he was compelled to assume absolute power because successive governments had failed to counter the rebels, who have been fighting since 1996 to abolish the monarchy and establish a communist state.

The insurgency, which the rebels say is inspired by Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong, has claimed more than 10,500 lives.

The strike Thursday comes two days ahead of an 11-day nationwide strike called by the rebels to protest the king's decision.

In Biratnagar, an industrial town about 500 km west of Katmandu, factories remained closed and streets deserted Thursday, said officials reached by telephone.

Business and schools also remained closed.

Police official Sharad Chandra said security forces were escorting some vehicles along local highways but only a few were willing to take the risk.

Eastern Nepal has two key border points with India, which hundreds of trucks use daily to deliver goods between the two nations. There was no traffic movement on either border points Thursday.

Since the king seized absolute power last month, several protests demanding the restoration of democracy have been called in this Himalayan nation.

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[30 Mar 2005|03:05pm]

[ mood | energized ]

Partito Comunista maoista - Italia (Maoist Communist Party - Italy)

Against Imperialist "Global War" -- People's War Until Communism!

US imperialism, world cop and number one enemy of oppressed peoples around the world, has been hit in the symbolic heart of its economic and military might and of its way of life.

The myth of its absolute might and untouchability, the myth of its intelligence, anti-subversion and repression organs - the CIA and FBI - have suffered a strike unprecedented in their recent imperial history.

Setting aside the official statements of governments, regimes, representatives of official movements and organizations in the oppressed countries, and apart from the human sympathy for the many innocent and unarmed victims in the World Trade Center, it is obvious that all over the world oppressed peoples have expressed their joy at having finally seen the beast being wounded, having all their lives witnessed an incomparable number of victims of wars, repression and oppression caused by decades of direct and indirect US actions: from Palestine to Latin America, from Asia to Africa, millions of children killed by bombs and sanctions in Iraq, in the Balkans, in the Middle East, not to mention people dying of starvation, disease and oppression everywhere the US and Western imperialists rule.

We, as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist communists, as vanguard proletarians, share the feelings of the oppressed peoples. We shall never hesitate about which side to stand on, and we strongly proclaim, "Down with US imperialism!" "It reaps what it sows!"
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The secret to the destruction of capitalism? [24 Mar 2005|08:28pm]

"Apart from these contradictions, a direct exchange of money, i.e., of realized labour, with living labour would either do away with the law of value which only begins to develop itself freely on the basis of capitalist production, or do away with capitalist production itself, which rests directly on wage-labour. The working-day of 12 hours embodies itself, e.g., in a money-value of 6s. Either equivalents are exchanged, and then the labourer receives 6s, for 12 hours' labour; the price of his labour would be equal to the price of his product. In this case he produces no surplus-value for the buyer of his labour, the 6s. are not transformed into capital, the basis of capitalist production vanishes."

Is this really all that is necissary to do away with capitalism?!

EDIT: This came from Capital vol. one by Karl Marx, chapter 19.
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[21 Mar 2005|02:57pm]

I wonder if that guy ever read the passage in the Bible where Jesus says that the best way for a rich man to be happy is to give his money to the poor.

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[16 Mar 2005|10:54am]

[ mood | sad ]

It really makes me sad that this is considered a "victory."

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Upcomming Paper/Essay [16 Mar 2005|03:34am]

I am currently working on a paper/essay about how we could transform the nations of the planet into an Internationally Linked Communist Planet, I plan on entitling it Communism is Peace: The End of Strife Through the Rise of International Communism. If any of you would like further details on this please e-mail me and I will send you a rough draft of what I have so far. I would greatly appreciate any and all help my fellow comrades could give in the writing of this paper, I am only one person and I dont feel that a single person shoul dbe responsible for the writing of such a paper on Communism. For further information please contact me at king_number_7@hotmail.com All help is welcome, encouraged and appreciated.
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[11 Mar 2005|10:19am]

The Revolutionary Potential of the Masses and the Responsibility of the Vanguard
by Bob Avakian
Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

Revolutionary Worker #1270, March 13, 2005, posted at rwor.org

EDITORS' NOTE: The following is part of a series of excerpts on various subjects-- drawn from conversations and discussions, as well as more formal talks, by Bob Avakian--which we will be running in this newspaper over the next period of time. This excerpt has been edited for publication.

One of the things that I see, something that I haven't lost sight of, is this: I see all the strength of the ruling class, but I also see all the way through all this shit, all the contradictions in society--I actually see a force in this society that, if it were developed into a revolutionary people, actually could have a go at it, could have a real chance of making a revolution, or being the backbone force of a revolution, when the conditions were ripe. I see a force of millions and millions and millions--youth and others--for whom this system is a horror: It isn't going to take some cataclysmic crisis for this system to be fucking over them. The ruling class, ironically, sees them too. It is those who have once had but have lost--or those who never had--a revolutionary perspective...it is they who can't see this.

So what I'm working on is all the things that are in between that revolutionary potential and its actual realization. How does this force of masses at the base of society get joined by people from other strata, how does it get allies broadly, how does it get "friendly neutrality" among many in the middle strata--how does all this get developed into a revolutionary people that can become a powerful fighting force when the conditions emerge to fight all out for the seizure of power? How does all that happen not in a passive sense , but how do we work on bringing this revolutionary people into being, even if most of the changes in society and the world are not owing to our initiative but to larger objective factors? I actually believe there is such a revolutionary force in potential--I actually believe this, I see this potential--I believe that there is a force there that, if somehow (and the bourgeoisie knows this too) if somehow the bourgeoisie got into a real, deep crisis...[ BA laughs ]
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[04 Mar 2005|02:13pm]
nice pics and inspiring words, comrades...i haven't got too much to say except that if anyone is in the charlotte, NC area i am searching indefinately for revolutionaries of all kinds to work in cooperation to shock and immobilize the bourgeoisie in this horribly corrupt and lifeless region...if anyone is interested check me at my LJ or just bust out a response right here...thanks!
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[03 Mar 2005|11:21am]

[ mood | active ]

Here's some great information on the Military Recruiters you've probably seen on your school campuses.

The Lies
The Sales Pitch
The Danger
The Fight
The Battle

If you see these assholes at your school, tell them they're not welcome. Confront them with the facts, and expose their lies to other students. I've also written an article on the subject, that was published in my school paper, much to the objection of the Colonel in charge of ROTC - he said I should be kicked off the paper and suspended, and that the paper should be shut down. The activist site Underground Action Alliance posted it on their website, and you can read it here.

Do what you can, do what you have to.

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[23 Feb 2005|08:17pm]

What are you doing to further the revolution?
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